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Internal Floor markings serve various purposes: improving safety, showing evacuation routes or traffic areas and aisles, ensuring efficiency, storage & organisation, or business strategies. In warehouses, factories and production areas, the floor offers great opportunities for improving visual communications using floor markings.
External line markings are critical for controlling traffic in a specified area. This can include lane line markings, yellow lines, stop junctions, crossings, speed symbols, directional arrows, parking bay lines and numbering, loading bay markings and more.
We use the latest concrete preparation equipment and highest quality paints available to ensure the absolute best finish.
When done correctly, floor markings can be useful. If they are applied without a good strategy, they can cause more problems than they fix. With this in mind, we work with your facility managers to plan the best floor marking strategy for your situation.
We will first visit your site to discuss your needs and get to know your operation first hand. We will identify any potential problems and advise you on the best procedures and marking layouts to suit your individual needs. We then proposal a full layout plan and a detailed work schedule to limit disruption to your operation whilst our fully qualified team paints your lines and walkways.
Our qualified and experienced teams offer nationwide service for all your internal and external line marking needs.


Contact Paint It for warehouse floor and road marking needs in South Africa.

Internal Floor Demarcation

All industrial floor marking such as bay markings in warehouses, distribution centre directions, factory floor marking and signage.

Floor coating

Any painting of floors or roads on site, to improve the appearance of an older floor or colour-code specific areas.

External Line Marking

All outdoor area ground signage such as emergency markings and stop streets, roadways, car parks and pedestrian walkway markings.

Interior Painting

We can re-paint the inside of your warehouse to enhance lighting, provide a clean & modern appearance, or improve safety.

Quality materials

We use high-quality road marking paint that is known for its durability under all usage conditions, from light to heavy traffic.

Smart and Efficient

We bring it everything needed to complete the project - from the staff to the paint – providing a one-stop no-hassle service.

Floor marking color standards guide

OSHA regulations dictate that permanent aisles and passageways must be clearly marked, however there are no industry standards or government mandates that recommend which colors to use when marking floors.
The consistent use of selected colours in specific places can keep workers and site visitors moving safely through your facility. It will also identify hazardous areas, storage areas, equipment, forklift traffic and much more. Make it easier for employees to remember the meaning of each colour by minimizing the number of colours used and reducing the number of floor markings you need.

This suggested colour guide will help to ensure consistency in your workplace floor markings:


Red and White Stripe

Areas to be kept clear for safety/compliance reasons (e.g. in front of safety equipment, electrical panels, and firefighting equipment).


Black and White Stripe

Areas to be kept clear for operational purposes (not related to safety or compliance standards).

Yellow and Black Stripe

Areas that may expose employees to physical or health hazards.


Defects, scrap, rework and red-tag areas.


Materials or products awaiting inspection or other follow-up.


Aisle ways, traffic lanes and work cells.


Equipment and fixtures not otherwise colour-coded (floor stand displays, racks, workstations, carts, etc.)


Steps and perimeter demarcation to identify egress routes in a lights-out emergency.

Blue | Green | Black

Materials and components, including raw materials, work-in-progress and finished goods.