A2M Cargo Tarping Division


After years providing on a daily basis in the Port of Richards Bay, we came to understand the need to manage Cargo by means of controlling dust as well as eliminating un-necessary loss of cargo due to winds, and in 2011 our Cargo Tarping division was formed.
An enormous amount of research went into finding the correct type of material that is light and can do the job, and since then because of the way that it is bound together and weighted down, we have had very good results from our clients, and the Port of Richards Bay is very happy as it has complimented their environmental policies.
Tarp It carries a comprehensive range of strong, durable tarpaulins. Our tarps are available to hire for short- or long-term projects. Each tarp comes with lengths of rope for each eyelet ensuring easy tie-down. Tarpaulins help to stop cross contamination between cargo types. They are great for keeping dust in a controlled area. Tarps offer money-saving advantages as they prevent loss of cargo.
Our tarps are light and easy to manage, and our range is suitable for various applications including mine tarps and grain covers. To enquire about our tarp range or custom tarps, call now or fill in our contact form.


We have tarps for all applications and conditions.

Cover any cargo

rail, road, port, or freestanding (excl trucks).

Various Applications

we offer waterproof and non-waterproof tarps.

Full Service

full service from laying to removing.

Tarp Rental

daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.

Custom Tarps

Branding on tarps is customisable on request.

Size Matters

Tarps can be connected to customise and increase size.