Staffing Solutions for the warehousing, manufacturing and logistics sector.


Staff It is the staff procurement division of A2M services. We are an independent service contractor, dealing predominantly with the warehousing, manufacturing and logistics industries. Customers include: Port, BIL (Bidvest International Logistics), BPO (Bidvest Port Operations), Rennies, MPact and Mondi.
Ours is a very hands-on business - we aim to be involved and informed at every step of the staffing process, from initial needs assessments to staff selection, and beyond. We have a strong pool of employees on our register to pull from at any time. All staff are employees of A2M, which means we deal with all RI & HR so that you don't have to.
A2M has staff that are experienced in the paper handling industry and can be employed as: operators, clamp operators, forklift drivers, general workers, drivers, tele clerks, storeman operators, sweepers and more. We can provide staff for warehouse cleaning services on a daily or monthly basis. We can assist with experienced employees for container unpacking.
Whether you need skilled or unskilled labour, A2M has the right people for the job. From our offices in Durban and Richards Bay, we operate all over South Africa, providing your company with the right people for any task.
Services Offered
  • We provide a 24-hour service
  • We employ our Employees on a permanent basis and administer all employment related benefits, legal requirements and industrial requirements.
  • We offer both skilled, and unskilled labour i.e.
    • • Skilled operators (Clamp and forks)
    • • Lashing Services
    • • Container Unpacking and Packing Services
    • • Chemical handling services
    • • Vast experience in supplying all types of Warehouse Service
    • • Qualified drivers (all codes)
    • • Computer operators
    • • Storemen Operators
    • • General administrative office staff
    • • Supervisors
    • • Planners
    • • General Workers with cleaning, packing, and tarping experience
  • We offer a Payroll admin service, which allows both small and large companies, to take advantage of our computerised payroll system which has been developed over many years in the labour industry.
Our Responsibilities
  • To get to grips with what the Client needs, in terms of Employees' and how their work place runs.
  • To Interview, assess or evaluate applicant characteristics and qualifications.
  • Develop and evaluate job orders.
  • Ensure that the best suitable candidate is chosen for the client.
  • We make ourselves aware of the sites we work on and interact with both client and employee to make sure that the jobs are being done correctly, safely and honestly.
  • We are very hands on, in the work place.
  • We have a good strong connection with our Employees, and help them in anyway that they need assistance, personal or otherwise.
  • We are strong believers, in that keeping our employees happy and proud to work for us, leads to a very productive workforce, resulting in A2M providing excellent service keeping our clients happy.


Contact Staff It for any skilled or unskilled labour needs in South Africa.

Always Available

We have a on-demand strong pool of employees to pull from at any time.

Staff for all roles

We can supply any staff for unskilled and skilled labour.

End-to-end service

A2M deals with the PPE, Payroll, UIF, Skills, Workman's Compensation, Provident Fund, etc.

Experienced Teams

Our staff are experienced in the paper handling industry in various roles: operators, drivers, clerks, storemen, or cleaners.


A2M is an independent service contractor. You deal directly and only with us.

Nationwide Coverage

We operate from KwaZulu-Natal, but we can provide staff for your business anywhere in South Africa.